Marisa Gertz

where r u


A series of GIFs made with the New York collective Gifriends for the TO-NYC / Breaking Boundaries show at Superbudda Creative Collective in Turin, Italy.

Technology, so we are told, is disconnecting us from reality. We're too dependent on the network, addicted to our devices, overwhelmed, unable to focus, and uninterested in forming meaningful relationships with real people.

Maybe. But we're living it another way. Untethered to one time and one place, our experience is layered and elastic. It's multi-faceted, literally. Facets of our relationships, experiences, and emotions travel with us from mind to machine and back again.

These GIFs are portals into a layered, spontaneous, all-at-once way of living, of technology and biology working together to create a reality, augmented, shaped, and amplified. These small facets of everyday life are fragmented yet connected, commonplace yet worthy of observation.

where r u
im here

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See a video of the exhibition at Superbudda.