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Marisa Gertz is an NYC based photographer, gif-smith, and photo editor.

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New York GIF collective with Alex Thebez, Peter Marquez, and I.

Telephone: A game of art whispered around the world. April 10

Reminisce/miss⁣. Oranbeg Press. Aug 16
Black Americans Who Broke Barriers on Wall Street — and Beyond. Bloomberg. Feb 17

The Shopping Frenzy of Black Friday Is Migrating Overseas. Bloomberg. Nov 26
The Race Is On to Be This Holiday's Hottest Doll—and Billions Are at Stake. Bloomberg. Sept 30
One Country, Nine Defaults: Argentina Is Caught in a Vicious Cycle. Bloomberg. Sept 11
Pebble Beach Concept Cars Are the Latest in a Long Tradition. Bloomberg. Aug 9
Woodstock, Nixon, Stonewall and the Man on the Moon: 50 Years Since 1969. Bloomberg. June 7
150 Years Ago, America Was United By Train. Bloomberg. May 9
These Women Have Been Breaking Barriers in Business for 150 Years. Bloomberg. March 8
171 Years Before Tesla: The Evolution of Electric Vehicles. Bloomberg. Jan 5

How Black Friday Became America’s Greediest Holiday. Bloomberg. Nov 18
What Life Would Look Like Without the ‘Tampon Tax’. Bloomberg. Oct 30.
How One of America’s Oldest Retailers Unraveled. Bloomberg. Oct 12.
Memes Have Finally Made It to the Museum. Vice. Sept 17.
Your $1,000 Phone Is Really a Bargain. Bloomberg. July 12.
Bye Bye, GE: Exit From Dow Industrials Traces 122 Years of History. Bloomberg. June 26.
Nick Cave's Freedom Ball Was a Pride Parade on Acid. Vice. June 19.

Farm-to-Table Is a Great Deal for Farmers—If They Can Get It. Bloomberg Pursuits. Dec 11.
What's Inside All the iPhones. Bloomberg Technology. Oct 12.
That Chicken From Whole Foods Isn’t So Special Anymore. Bloomberg Pursuits. Aug 14.
Here’s Who to Blame for the Resurgence of Flamingo Kitsch. Bloomberg Pursuits. July 28.
Unemployment Math as Told by Gummy Bears. Bloomberg. July 7.
How Hackers Are Helping Dating Site Users Find True Love. Vice. Feb 13.
When Is America at Its Best?. The Atlantic. Jan 20.

Photographs of the Darker Side of Christmas. Vice. Dec 25.
5x5: Internet Conspiracy Theories by Marisa Gertz. TAGTAGTAG. Nov 4.
These Dogs Have Better Halloween Costumes Than You. Vice. Oct 31.
Photo editing and science writing for April-Oct.
These Aerial Photos Reveal the Devastating Cost of Industrial Pollution. TIME Lightbox. Oct 28.
An Aerial Photographer Finds Art on Earth. TIME Lightbox. Oct 18.
How One Photographer Is Rethinking Pop Art on Instagram. TIME Lightbox. Sept 15.
School of Doodle. Ray Ban. Aug.
New Signs: A Group Photo Exhibition. The International Gallery, Brooklyn NY, July 22.
6 Ways Tea Can Change Your Mood (Ring). The Kitchn. May 27.
Teenage Dream: Adolescent ingenuity is shaping the future of pop. New Yorker. April 25.
See GIFs of New York Voting on Primary Day. TIME Light Box. April 19.
Why Sailor Moon Fans Are the Best People on Earth. Vice. March 28.
Photos of an Easter Bunny Meltdown. Vice. March 27.
Oscars 2016 Live Gifs. Vice. Feb 29.
A Piece of My Art. Ray Ban SOHO, New York NY. Feb 12.
The Future is FlucT: Ruth Saxelby. The Fader. Jan 29.

Selfie: Rachel Syme. Matter. Nov 19.
#WORKinPROGRESS: Curated by Elizabeth Renstrom. ROOT Studios. Nov 19.
DSCO by VSCO Launch - #JoinTheDsco. Nov.
The Sweet Married Couple Behind New York's Most Horrifying Haunted Compound. Narratively. Oct.
Feelings and Similar Items Vol. II at New York Art Book Fair. Sept 18-20.
Creeps Annual x Syndicate Zine and Video Exhibition. Alt Space at Alt Citizen. New York, NY. July 16-26.
Spare Times for July 10-16: A Night at Niblo’s Garden. New York Times. July 9.
PhotoIreland Festival. Asia Pacific Photobook Archive at The Copper House Gallery. Dublin, Ireland. July 4-31.
Feelings and Similar Items Vol. II accepted into the Asia Pacific Photobook Archive. Melbourne, Australia. June 22.
Book Review: Alex Thebez's & Marisa Gertz's "Feelings and Similar Items Vol. II". Capricious. May 29.
The Swap: portraits de photographes. Fisheye Magazine. May 7.
Photographers Take Portraits of Photographers for The Swap. Feature Shoot. May 4.
Telephone: An International Arts Experiment. April. (Press on NYTimes)
Feelings and Similar Items Vol. II available at Printed Matter. New York, NY. April.
Lintroller presents Feelings and Similar Items Vol. II at Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair. Los Angeles, CA. January 29 - February 1.
Gifriends shoots Converse Rubbertracks' January GIF Shop featuring artists Dealers, Reesa Renee, and Wilder Maker. New York, NY. January.

22 Art GIFs Inspired By The Hottest Memes Of 2014. 15Folds x Buzzfeed. Dec 30.
The Blue Library 2014. Press Street’s Antenna Gallery Reading Room 220 and PhotoNOLA. New Orleans, LA. December 1 - January 3.
Tictail Holiday Pop Up. New York, NY. November 20 - December 20.
The Chapess Zine 6 Launch. Doomed Gallery. London, Dalston. December 13. (Press on Vice)
Store of the Week: Lintroller. November 12.
Hobart: Another Literary Journal. November 11.
Self Publish Be Happy <3 Alex Thebez and Marisa Gertz. Self Publish Be Happy. November.
Feelings and Similar Items Vol. II by Alex Thebez and Marisa Gertz. Edition of 200. Published by Lintroller. New York, NY. September.
Thesaurus, Oranbeg Press, Dossier Outpost. New York, NY. August.
The New Portrait, The Bishop Gallery. New York, NY. August 9 - September 6.
Syndicate: Space, Brooklyn Fire Proof East. New York, NY. August 16.
Curated Oranbeg Press: NET 07. RIPExpo. Providence, RI. August 2 - 3.
6 Seconds or Less. Interviewed by Jason Tselentis for Print Magazine, August.
Across the Gutter, Oranbeg Press. New York, NY. July 17 - 22.
Featured on The Swap with an accompanying interview.
The Yum and Dangerous Zine Show, Knuckles and Notch. Singapore. July 25.
Interviewed by Estuary Collective for Lintroller.
Instagram Residency: Marisa Gertz, Instant Perfector, Lintroller. April.
Syndicate: What?, Brooklyn Fire Proof East. New York, NY. May 16.
Contributed a photo series for TAGTAGTAG Issue 00: Rosie Rittenberry.
Syndicate: Art + Audio, Brooklyn Fire Proof East. New York, NY. February 22. (Photos)
Caught in the Moment, Status Magazine. February.
Talk Back Tuesday, Hyperallergic LABS.

NET 02: A New Romance, Oranbeg Press. New York, NY.
TO-NYC / Breaking Boundaries, Superbudda Creative Collective. Turin, Italy.
Homeostasis Lab, The Wrong: New Digital Art Biennale.
Gifriends featured in Complex Magazine's 25 GIF Artists You Should Know.
Gifriends x ONLY NY's Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook featured on Mass Appeal and Gumship.
Alex Thebez and I are invited to collaborate on a gif for 15 Folds on the theme "Live Fast, Die Young".
Accumulator!!!, Gallery 1965. Vancouver, Canada.

From Point A to Point B, AMO Studios. New York, NY. (See also the project site and a review of the show on Art Parasites.)
Moving the Still, Miami Art Week. Miami, FL. (Traffic Cube and Sky Sphere.)

Parsons BFA Photography Thesis Exhibition, Calumet Gallery. New York, NY.
?Photo Feast Spring Slideshow Exhibition, Milk Gallery. New York, NY.
Red Dot Relief Silent Auction, Milk Gallery. New York, NY.

4:30, Three Gallery. New York, NY.
Photo Feast Slideshow Exhibition, The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP). New York, NY.
Top/Down, Three Gallery. New York, NY.
Aliosha Gorshok: A Contemporary Interpretation of Lev Tolstoy, Thomas Werner Gallery and Krasnoyarsk Museum Center. New York, NY and Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Bite Your Tongue: Media and Art Showcase, Theresa Lang Center. New York, NY.
Oneiric, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery. New York, NY.